My First Guide

Something I needed to learn a long time ago.

I know The Indie Developer is supposed to be about niche product funnels. But that’s not the only thing it’s about. It’s also about becoming better at everything it takes to make niche product funnels.

The guides on this site will mostly consist of something I am researching or consistently trying to increase in my life that applies to product development / marketing.

I want to make the guides really well done. Something that can really benefit someone who stumbles upon it. Book-level quality.

This is a project I had actually intended on writing a long time ago. I had worked on it for a few days, and even just those few days had a lasting impact on my performance.

Increasing Typing Speed For Developers / Content Creators (100 WPM+)

That’s the rough title. I want to focus it on developers and content creators because that’s what we do as niche product developers. We code up products and write about them and other content to rank in Google using SEO.

I’ll be using both online and offline means of learning and researching this topic. I just purchased a book on the topic, and I’ll be using some online applications to track my speed and accuracy while I learn and improve.

Why This Is Valuable

I type every day. I’m either writing code, writing emails, writing blog posts, or chatting with friends. The majority of what I get paid for involves writing.

My average typing speed is ~40 WPM (words per minute). That’s actually really close to the national average, which makes me feel pretty lame and average.

If I could increase my speeds up to 80 WPM, that would effectively double my ability to output content. That’s an incredible time saver and productivity boost.

Say I’m writing a blog post. A good blog post is usually 2000+ words (this one is not). To write 2000 words at 40 WPM would take me 50 minutes if I was typing the entire time. To be able to cut that down below a half hour by getting to 100 WPM would be incredible.

I could write a massive 4000 word article in roughly an hour. Granted, that would be before editing, but the writing is a crucial part to getting stuff done.


I’d like to have learned all I need to know, and improved from a 40 WPM average to a 100 WPM average in a month (30 days). So, that means May 19th expect me to probably be done with the rough draft of this guide.


I think I want to do some fun things with this topic, like recording my screen and fingers while writing an article or a blog post to show my improvement over time. It’d be cool to film my typing practice as well.

I think the ultimate test would be to see how well I can type blindfolded. Not sure if I’ll actually do that but it could be fun!

Either way, expect some interesting dynamics thrown in there. If I start getting into typing games, certainly expect to see some video footage of that.

I plan on purchasing a book, and writing / producing / marketing the guide as free. It’ll be structured to improve your writing in less than an hour a day for a month (or less).

My inspiration for writing this guide is Julian Shapiro. His immersive guides on Growth Hacking and Muscle Building are great inspiration for how to make a great and useful guide.

Hopefully you enjoy the guide and can use it to get massive results for whatever niche product you’re working on!