I write about making

Simple, Profitable SAAS Products

My First Year Growing A Product

Here's how I grew my app from $0 to $4500+/month in one year.

Boundaries For Work

How I can keep myself from exhausting myself everyday.

Writing For Traffic

It's a model that works every time, but is hard to implement.

Betting On Content

Organic, not algorithmic.

One Rep

Building a habit one rep at a time.

Full Circle

Oh, I remember now...

Finish What You Start

Finish what you start. Learn what you need to know. Keep the scope small.

Importance Of Habits

You are a product of your habits.

How Do You Write A Web App?

One function at a time.

Doing Then Writing

Not Writing Then Doing

Providing Value

The only intention of this site.


How to do it the right way.

Up And To The Right

Using Faith, Skills and Persistence to get what you need.

What It's Like to be an Indiehacker with $200k in Debt

When your app revenue goes to groceries instead of reinvesting.

Time Management

And why I need to improve.

Adjusting The Goal

What my first guide is really all about.

My First Guide

Something I needed to learn a long time ago.