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Finish What You Start

Finish what you start. Learn what you need to know. Keep the scope small.

This is something that I have never upheld well. I give up too easy, and bail when it matters. My word isn’t worth very much to some people, and that’s an awful thing to say.

I want to be regarded as someone who does what he says he will do,...

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Importance Of Habits

You are a product of your habits.

Would I Ever Get A Tattoo?

Tattoos are something that I think about a lot. Not in a frivolous way, but in a way that says "what do I believe so much that I would write it on my body to remind myself every day?" kind-of way.


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How Do You Write A Web App?

One function at a time.

I’m undergoing a complete overhaul of how I work, and how I think about work.

It’s subtle, yet fundamental. I’ve never approached work in this way, but now it’s necessary.

What’s the change? Breaking work down into smaller parts, and working on those parts individually.

How I Used To...

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